S9 WATER “SUPER HEALTHY H20 – FRUIT BOOST” signature blend Sports & Exercise Drink with vitamins, electrolytes, low calories and a refreshing great taste. During a workout more than water is lost you also lose electrolytes like sodium and potassium, these are key elements that regulate fluid level balance throughout the body which help the brain communicate with muscles. SUPER HEALTHY H20 – FRUIT BOOST helps replenish essential electrolytes lost in sweat giving bodies the necessary nutrients throughout long spurts of training. SUPER HEALTHY H20 – FRUIT BOOST contains vitamins and electrolytes to keep you energized and hydrated all game long, great for any physical endurance when extra energy is needed or just a refreshing boost of fruit flavor and pure hydration for any long day.


Vitamins C, B3 & B-12


Low Calories ‘117 Per Bottle

Refreshing Great Taste