When creating S9 Water “SUPER HEALTHY H20” Alkaline Water Ph 9.5 with Electrolytes , we took into consideration the importance of water and its hydration power. By refueling your body with S9 Water  your “Essential Effective Energy” it adds health benefits of how the ph levels affects the human body. As studies show acidic levels in our bodies affect largely vital organs for human function like our livers, kidneys, and brain functions. In recent studies, results have shown that by switching water consumption from standard purified water to alkaline water have helped our subjects with issues like, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood sugar. Bone densities are also affected by our ph levels as our bodies compensate for lack of ph levels through the calcium in our bones, by increasing our ph levels we ultimately strengthen our bone strength. S9 Water recognizes the benefits of an increased ph level in our water and has one of the highest levels of ph levels available in stores, with a ph level of 9ph+. S9 Water, enriched with a level 9ph level for optimum alkalinization is the No. 1 premium bottled water in the United States. S9 Water , known for its iconic sleek bottle, smooth mouth feel and unique taste, is the water of choice among athletes, celebrities and top chefs. Widely available at fine restaurants and hotels, S9 Water “SUPER HEALTHY H20” has expanded globally to more than 50 countries.